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Ceremony Location:  University of Alberta Campus


Students who are graduating with a B.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Alberta Fall and Winter terms are considered graduating engineers eligible for the Spring Iron Ring Ceremony.

Note: Practicing Engineers do not get obligated at this ceremony, they have separate ceremonies (please refer to separate information page). Also, currently graduating students from other Canadian Universities normally receive their Iron Rings from the Camp associated with that University. This Camp information can be found at the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Website:


Upcoming engineering graduates:

  1. Must apply to graduate from the Engineering Faculty. Watch for official Faculty notification.
  2. Must be on the Engineering Faculty Convocation list to be eligible for the spring Iron Ring Ceremony.

Those not on the Convocation list will not be obligated! If you do not attend the Graduating Engineer ceremony you are intended to, you will need to wait and register for the next Practicing Engineer ceremony instead.

The Iron Ring.

As part of their registration for a ceremony, graduating Engineers will be required to obtain their ring size (for the little finger of the working hand) prior to the Ceremony date. Instructions for ring sizing will be sent by Camp 6 prior to the Ceremony.

For virtual ceremonies, ring sizing and certificate pickup will occur after the ceremony.

The Obligation Certificate

You must pick up your obligation certificate when you leave the ceremony. If you do not, you will be not be added to the register, and you will not be entitled to wear the ring. You will also not be able to replace a lost ring.


Candidates must wear business appropriate attire, as they would for Capstone Project presentations.

Candidates can expect to stand for 60-90 minutes during the assembly and ceremony. If an accommodation is necessary for a candidate who is not able to stand throughout the ceremony, then the candidate must notify the Camp in advance.