a replacement ring

If you were originally obligated in Edmonton, please contact Camp 6.

In Edmonton and area, please contact the Camp 6 Treasurer David DeJong, P.Eng. by email at The Camp 6 Treasurer will then contact you directly with the details on how to arrange a replacement. Replacement rings cost $30, payable by cash, cheque, or money order. (This service will not be available from mid-February to mid-March.)

If you were originally obligated in Calgary, please contact Camp 18.  If you were obligated at a location other than Edmonton or Calgary, then please look in to find the contact for your original camp.

If your name has changed since you were obligated, please provide both names so that we can locate you in our registers.

Please note: Obligated engineers from other camps may have their rings replaced through Camp 6; however, eligibility will need to be confirmed with the original obligating Camp. Individuals are therefore strongly encouraged to contact their obligating camp first.