Frequently Asked Questions about the Ritual of the Calling of the Iron Ring (the Iron Ring Ceremony) at Camp 6 of the Corporation of Seven Wardens

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Who is eligible to participate in an Iron Ring Ceremony and how do they sign up for the ceremony? How does a graduating engineering student Engineer get sized for a ring before the ceremony? What is the protocol for the Ceremony?
Eligible participants are primarily students graduating with a B.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Alberta on the date closest to their convocation date. In Edmonton, this group would sign up at a specified time coordinated through the Dean’s Office. Graduates do not get a separate confirmation of attendance from Camp 6 – once you sign up at the U of A, this is your confirmation to attend.

You will be contacted by the Dean’s office if you are not eligible to attend the ceremony. Those graduating from MSc or PhD programs are considered Practicing engineers and must meet eligibility requirements of this group. Practicing Engineers must meet the following criteria:

1. Completion of a Bachelor Degree in Engineering at a Canadian University accredited by CEAB;

2. Completion of a post graduate degree in Engineering at a Canadian University and having received registration as an E.I.T. in a Provincial Association;

3. Failing 1) or 2), having met the academic requirements for registration as an E.I.T./ P.Eng. or Provisional Licensee in a Provincial Association;

4. In addition to the above, the Candidate must be deemed worthy by the Camp performing the ritual.

The Spring Ceremony is for Undergraduate students only; and other ceremonies are set up for Practicing members and any students who missed the Spring ceremony. For the July, November and December ceremonies, any Undergraduate students that wish to attend must have already completed their degree prior to applying for the ceremony.

Only the Spring ceremony is coordinated with APEGA and is typically held at the Shaw Conference center. The other ceremonies are held on campus and require registration directly with Camp 6.

Details about when to arrive, how to dress, etc., are described in the update section for the upcoming ceremony.
After filling out the application form as a Practicing Engineer for attendance at the Ceremony, will applicants receive a confirmation? From whom and when? How does a Practicing Engineer get sized for a ring before the ceremony?
Camp 6 reviews the eligibility for Practicing Engineers who have requested to attend the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer Ceremony with the Provincial regulatory authority where the engineer has obtained their EIT / P.Eng. registration.

Once confirmed as eligible, the Practicing Engineer will receive an email requesting $30 payment to participate in the obligation ceremony.

Each eligible Practicing Engineer who has paid the registration payment is sent a confirmation email inviting the eligible person to attend a ring sizing event a few weeks before the ceremony. This email will contain additional information on pre-ceremony and ceremony day activities for the applicant.

Graduating students also attend the ring sizing event (mostly held on the U of A campus). All eligible participants get sized for a ring, pre-sign their obligation certificate, get two guest tickets, and receive an information package with details of the ceremony.
What is the protocol for the Ceremony? What is the dress code? How many guests are permitted? Can photographs be taken?
Registration for the Spring ceremony is coordinated through the University of Alberta and is for graduating Undergraduates who will be eligible to graduate in the Spring. APEGA provides separate instructions for registration to the Ethics Workshop and tickets for Guests to attend the Iron Ring ceremony. Other ceremonies are coordinated through the University of Alberta and are held on campus.

As part of their registration for a ceremony, candidates will be asked to obtain their ring size (for the little finger of the working hand) prior to the Ceremony date. Verification of ring size, final registration and signing of certificates for each candidate will be conducted prior to the Ceremony. Individuals receiving rings need to be at the venue well beforehand to meet the organizers and prepare for the ceremony. As well, guests can be seated.

Candidates for the ceremony gather in the foyer outside the presentation room about ten minutes before the start of the ceremony. The group is then led into the ceremony hall by Camp Wardens. The ceremony will begin promptly and will last approximately one hour.

If an obligant has an eligible Special Presenter participating in the Ceremony (an obligated Engineer themselves, to present the ring) then the presenter should also meet in the designated location prior to the cerem.

After the ceremony each ring recipient *must* pick up their obligation certificate to complete the registration process. Failure to complete this step will result in their name being removed from the Register.

The Camp Wardens remain after the ceremony to allow for ring resizing if required.

Candidates must be appropriately attired in business wear. All candidates are expected to wear a jacket, shirt, and dress shoes. Gentlemen should wear a tie and dress pants. Ladies should wear a business skirt with the hem falling at least below the finger tips, or a business pant suit. Candidates can expect to stand for 60-90 minutes during the assembly and ceremony. If an accommodation is necessary for a candidate who is not able to stand throughout the ceremony, then the candidate must notify the Camp in advance.

Each candidate may invite up to two (2) guests. Guests should arrive and be seated at least fifteen minutes before the start of the ceremony. The hall is open seating. Latecomers will not be admitted to the ceremony once the doors close. Please note that anyone leaving the ceremony hall after the doors close will not be re-admitted to the hall.

Any engineers that have previously participated in an Iron Ring ceremony and are wearing their Iron Ring may attend the ceremony in addition to the two guest allotment. They may be seated with the guests.

If planning to bring a child as a guest, then an adult must accompany the child, and is responsible to ensure that the child is able to sit quietly for the duration of the event. It is recommended that children under six not attend the ceremony. Guests may dress more casually than candidates participating in the ceremony.

No photographs or recording devices of any kind are allowed during the ceremony. There will be an opportunity for photos at the conclusion of the ceremony. During the ceremony guests are asked to refrain from clapping or cheering mid-ceremony to ensure that all participants can fully participate in the obligation without disruption.

The iron ring ceremony is not secret. It is a personal and private occasion.

We ask that you and your guests treat the contents of the ceremony accordingly.
Can I sign up for the ceremony if I graduated from another school in Alberta or Canada or in a foreign country a while ago?
Yes, the requirement to participate in the ceremony is to have a B.Sc., or B.Eng. degree in Engineering from any Canadian University, or have received a post graduate degree at a Canadian University and be enrolled as an E.I.T. (Engineer-in-Training). Failing that, having received E.I.T. (Engineer-in-Training) or P.Eng. (Professional Engineer) from any Canadian jurisdiction in Canada. These eligibility criteria are also explained elsewhere on this website.
How do I replace my ring if it becomes too loose or too tight or if I lose it?
Please contact the Camp Treasurer, as described elsewhere on the website. Replacement rings are $30.

If the ring size is found to be incorrect, immediately after the ceremony there is an opportunity to get an iron ring that is the correct size.